Title: Summer School on Nanocomposites

ICSAAM 2023 will offer courses at the state-of-the art from leaders from AmaDema (Advanced Materials Design & Manufacturing, Nicosia, Cyprus) in the development of Nanocomposites and Nanotechnologies.

Although the courses are especially addressed to MSc. and PhD students, all conference participants are welcome to attend.

Main Topics:

     • Introduction to Composites

     • Composite Materials Characterization

    • Nanofiber Reinforcements for Composites

    • Applications of Nanofiber-Enhanced Composites

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the school, students should be able to:
    • Define the fields of Nanocomposites and Nanotechnology

    • Distinguish the different techniques used to characterize the physical and mechanical properties of nanocomposites

    • Understand the relationship between nano, micro, and macro scale in interdisciplinary fields

    • Analyze the contributions of nanoscale to performances of diverse technological systems

    • Identify the main areas of research and development in Nanotechnology Engineering 

    • Apply ethical concepts to the creation and use of matter at the nanoscale

The detailed program is as follows:

Day 1

Seminar 1
Introduction to Composites

1.1 Overview of composite materials

1.2 Types of composite structures

1.3 Properties and advantages of composites

1.4 Composite manufacturing processes

Day 1

Seminar 2
Composite Materials Characterization

2.1 Testing and evaluation methods for composites

2.2 Mechanical testing of composites

2.3 Non-destructive evaluation techniques

2.4 Microstructural analysis of composites

Day 2

Seminar 3
Nanofiber Reinforcements
for Composites

3.1 Introduction to nanofibers and their properties

3.2 Methods for producing nanofibers

3.3 Nanofiber-matrix interactions in composites

3.4 Enhancement of mechanical and functional properties in composites with nanofibers

Day 2

Seminar 4
Applications of Nanofiber-Enhanced Composites

4.1 Case studies and examples of nanofiber-reinforced composites

4.2 Structural applications of nanofiber-enhanced composites

4.3 Functional applications of nanofiber-enhanced composites

4.4 Future trends and emerging research in the field

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