Club “O Zakynthos”

In 1839, at the then flourishing economic and cultural Zakynthos, the Club of Zakynthos was founded. The Association was housed in a privately owned mansion located in the historic St. Mark’s Square. Since its establishment, the Club has been a decisive factor in the political-economic and cultural life of the island, and its spacious halls have been frequented by prominent personalities of Zakynthos and the Panhellenic establishment of the politics of Letters and Arts. Its exquisite interior design, especially in the lounge with the large Zakynthos oil paintings, its brilliant huge reading room with newspapers and magazines coming directly from Europe, the “hangouts” of permanent companions, representing all disciplines and arts and the commercial professions of the island, the monumental interior marble staircase of the pastry-café hall, the coffeehouse leading to the upper floor, the upper floor and their balconies, the cute “piatcheta” (the most important gallery in the square), all of which gave our years a special ‘air’ of culture and human contact in the unforgettable ‘Roman Casino’. With the devastating earthquakes of 1953 and the ensuing fire, all became “ashes”. Nowadays, the basement has already been built at the expense of the Association and operates the Museum of Folk Theater and the ground floor hall, which is provided free of charge for events, exhibitions etc., people can admire the history of Zakynthos through photographic material and texts. While the upper room of about 400 square meters will be used as a multipurpose room and will be provided free of charge to the people of our island.

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